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Best Offensive T-Shirt Ideas

The concept of an ‘offensive T-shirt’ allows for controversial slogans, opinions and most certainly, foul language to be openly displayed on clothing, designed to be provocative and shocking.

Reasons for wearing offensive T-shirts differ greatly. Perhaps as a hen do or stag party, the temptation to don offensive T-shirts as a collective, invites a humorous element to proceedings. Moreover, individuals may choose to wear offensive T-shirts as part of their everyday dress, as a way of expressing an idea or opinion that may be perceived as extreme to others.

Nevertheless, the freedom of expression has no limits when it comes to our collection of offensive T-shirts. Below is a list of the best offensive T-shirt ideas available on our website right now. Whether it be a personal form of expression, a messy weekend away with ‘the lads’, or even a nice family meal on a Sunday afternoon that you intend to spice up a little with your choice of attire, Rage Tees do not disappoint with their wide-ranging controversial selection.

Cool Story Babe – Now Make Me A Sandwich

Perhaps one way to wind your girlfriend or wife up would be to mope around the house hungover whilst bearing a t-shirt with this slogan displayed. This slogan leans heavily on a chauvinistic concept, and is sure to wind your partner up no end.

It is impossible to detract from the ‘SHUT UP AND MAKE ME FOOD’ reference that is as blatant as the message suggests.

Choose Cremation – You’ve Urned It

Purchasing this as a gift for a grandparent can perhaps be perceived as somewhat cruel, but isn’t that the nature of an offensive T-shirt? Dependent on how your grandma/grandad may interpret this is obviously a fundamental decision you must make in purchasing this T-shirt for the reason suggested.

If this idea is too raw for you, there are plenty of other playful ways to make sure that this T-shirt has a lasting impression on its’ intended recipient.

Deep Throat

The not-so subtle image of a Giraffe’s neck to accompany this slogan provides a humorous tone, however, the context of the T-shirt can also be extremely offensive if you were to perhaps present this at a family meal at the local carvery on a Sunday afternoon.

One of the funnier scenarios imagined could be sat opposite your mother whilst she scowls in disapproval at the overtly suggestive message displayed on your clothing.

Here’s A Really Old Picture Of Me

Certainly one of our favourites is the ‘I started out as a sperm’ message conveyed by the slogan. Definitely one to cause provocation and dismay amongst parents, however, it may ‘be-come’ awkward should you find yourself explaining to an inquisitive child just why this is a ‘really old picture of yourself’.

As well as these ideas presented, We have tons more to select from, with new concepts and designs frequently appearing. To browse or purchase further offensive T-shirt ideas, have a browse through our website or feel free to get in touch with a design idea!

Article by Liam Thornton