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20 Ultimate Stag Party Challenges

It’s finally that time when your independent, free spirited pal is only months maybe weeks away from being tied to his ball & chain forever and its your job to make sure his final outing as a free man is the most humiliating one!

20 Ultimate Stag Party Challenges

How serious are you about this stag do?

This is completely optional but if you want to intensify the game and add more drama then follow this guide:

  • Each challenge will have a point system based on the difficulty/embarrassment of the dare
  • The groom to-be has to choose a challenge first but has the privilege of deciding who chooses in which order
  • The loser has to do a forfeit of which the rest of the group collectively decide upon (remember humiliation is key)




  • Ask a girl her name, repeat it whilst burping and walk off
  • Arm-wrestle a bouncer
  • Kiss the barman on the cheek
  • Ask an older woman if she is DTF tonight?
  • Loudly announce you need the toilet


  • Go commando for the rest of the night
  • Tell a random man you think he’s attractive and compliment several of his facial features/dress code
  • Use the ladies bathroom
  • Convince the locals you’re not English
  • Down 2 pints in 2 minutes


  • Tuck your top into your boxers/briefs and keep them like that for 30min
  • Kiss the ugliest girls foot you can find
  • Tell the nearest stranger about your dearest sexual fantasy
  • Do a body shot off a random woman
  • Pour the rest of your pint away (sorry)


  • Order a full round of shots and have them all yourself
  • Get 20 women to sign your chest by the end of the night
  • Request the worst song you can think of and dedicate it to yourself
  • Put a sock over your pint and drink it all
  • Let someone message a loved one from home (anything they want it to be)

In the case of more than one winner…

If you have a few troopers left and there is an undecided Stag Do Champion the first person to pull a MILF (over 50) can deservedly take home the crown…

Well played boys.

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